About Us

We, the members of the Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks, being convinced of the great need for an organization to conserve and improve the resources of hunting and fishing, we’ve formed ourselves into an organizationto be known as the Consolidated Sportsmen of Muncy Creeks.

If you’ve fished the tributaries of Muncy Creek and Loyalsock Creek in Eastern Lycoming and Sullivan Counties, and caught brook trout, you’ve benefited from the club’s work. Support us with your membership.

Club Officers

President: Dayl McClintock
Vice President: Rusty Bitler
Secretary: Mike Badger
Treasurer: Art Fry

One Response to About Us

  1. Tilghman (tim) R. Shrawder says:

    Was a member and want to renew . I know when and where your meetings are held and my family and I like the buttons. Also would like to know where and when you meet to stock the clubs trout. If available would like to help. At that time I can get the buttons and join at the same time. Take it for what it is worth, I DO NOT follow the stock truck State just to fish. I do this to see where I can enter the streams to fish. I also do not keep many fish. Catch and release , so I can catch again later. INfo appreciated, Thanks Tim

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